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Text Box: Experience
Text Box: Sun Microsystems Ė Broomfield, Colorado
Member Technical Staff 4 Ė Patch Operations and Delivery
As the founder and Technical Lead of the Patch Operations and Delivery (POD) project, I was responsible for the technical direction of Sun Microsystems' patch repositories and delivery infrastructure.  I led the project through 16 specification, development, qualification and deployment cycles during this 4 year period and reduced the world wide patch release time from 48 hours to less then 3 minutes (nominally).  Within this team, I also served as one of the project's key developers.  In this capacity, I designed and implemented numerous functionality enhancements and bug fixes including, but not limited to, the project's database creation and build automation code, the distribution functionality for patch state invariant data, support for non-SVR4 patch types, an application that produced the patch cross reference metadata file.
The POD system is the System of Record for all patches provided by Sun Microsystems.  The system is a globally distributed collection of hardware and software components that  provide patch life cycle tracking, machine consumable meta data, secure long term storage and delivery mechanisms to Sunís Intranet as well as the public Internet for all of Sunís patches.  
Its software components are implemented using the Java J2SE, J2EE, C and PL/SQL programming languages and run under the Solaris operating system.
Member Technical Staff 3 Ė ConfigDB
I was primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of the ConfigDB Parser.  Additionally, I shared development responsibilities for the Explorer application with another team member.  The ConfigDB system is comprised of the Explorer application, a parser for gleaning information from Explorer output, a database for storing that information in a machine consumable format and a web application to facilitate browsing customer configurations.  
The Explorer application is a Bourne shell script that interrogates a customerís system and records most of its configuration options in files stored on the customerís system.  It includes an option for transmitting this information to Sun.  This output is required in order to receive support from a Sun call center.  The ConfigDB Parser utilizes ANTLR to implement an LL(1) parser in J2SE while the ConfigDB web application employs Servlet and HTML technology directly.

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