Text Box: Operating Systems
I have developed both targeted and cross platform software on, and for, each of these operating systems. Further, I've utilized each operating system's native API as well as standardized libraries (ie. Clib, STL, Pthreads, openGL, etc.) to provide functions such as concurrency control, shared memory management, multi-tasking, multi-threading and graphical user interfaces.
Unix (Solaris [Sparc] 2.5-10, HP-UX [Risc] 10.2-11.0, Unixware [Intel] 2.0-7.0),
Linux (Slackware 3.0-4.0, RH4.2-6.0, Mandrake 6.0-9.0, SUSE 9.0-10.1),
Microsoft OSs (95, 98, ME, NT3.5-4.0, 2000, XP),
Unisys MCP ([NX-Series, LX-Series] 36.1-44.1)
Development Tools
I have employed the following set of development tools throughout my career and am proficient at adopting new tools as necessary.
Eclipse, NetBeans, Microsoft Studio, Emacs,
Rational Rose,
Ant, Xdoclet, Junit, make,
CVS, Teamware, SCCS, Perforce, PVCS, ADC,
Yacc, Lex, ANTLR, Shift Reduce and Recursive Descent Parsing
Embedded Systems
I have proficiency developing applications for single board computers (Intel Xscale - ARM v5te), both within an embedded Linux environment, and without the benefit of an embedded operating system. I also have proficiency programming and interfacing Microchip PIC and Basic Stamp micro-controller based circuitry.
Construction and use of the Gnu cross-compiled tool chain - GCC 3.4, GDB, GLIBC, uClibC,
Configuration, Compilation and Installation of Linux 2.6 Kernel, init, BusyBox, 
gcc, C18 (Microchip), PicBasic Pro (Micro Engineering Labs), Pbasic (Parallax)
Text Box: Expertise

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