The harder you work,
luckier you seem to be.

About Me

I currently live in Denver, Colorado (pictured left) where the sun is always shining and the powder blankets our nearby mountains each winter, providing some of the best skiing anywhere. Later, the spring run-off makes for great kayaking, as it meanders its way into our lakes. There its warmed by the summer sun so that we may use it, yet again, for water skiing. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

In addition to these outdoor activities, I also enjoy creating music. Ive played the Guitar for many years, and more recently began toying with contemporary music technology software (e.g. digital audio workstations, notation software, hardware emulation).

Ive included the obligatory mug shot, as that seems to be a virtual requirement on ones personal website. Perhaps, in the future, Ill break with tradition and replace this boring portrait with some pictures of me doing more interesting things. MichaelDWelch@(no-spam) 303-920-9749 remove (no-spam)