The harder you work,
luckier you seem to be.


We all know that person who bought a guitar when they were a teenager in order to demonstrate to everyone in their life that they were 2 cool 4 U. They proceeded to learn a handful of chords and labeled themselves a guitar player. They kept their guitar, but then moved on to their next demonstration of social iconography.

Well, I am NOT that guy. I started playing the guitar when I was very young, took private lessons for several years and then stopped playing for a while as I pursued an education. (There is a point at which one must decide if they want to pursue Music as a career or simply a hobby. Most professional musicians that I knew suffered, so I chose it as a hobby.) After beginning my career, I took it up again and have been playing ever since.

These days, it seems that a traditional study of Music
(i.e. instrumental techniques and theory), would be remiss without including some contemporary Music Technology. Enumerated below are some of the tools that Ive used in an effort to address this void.


acoustic, electric, classical

MIDI Interfaces

Xboard-49, Trigger Finger

Notation Software


Digital Audio Workstations

ProTools, Cubase, Live

Instruments, Effects & Software Racks

Guitar Rig 3, Reason, samplers, software synthesizers, drum machines, loop players, etc.



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