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Sample Designs

This section is currently under construction.

Please bare with me as I include a collection of software, firmware and hardware examples chosen to illustrate certain skill sets. You may want to look around a bit, as this collection is being populated in no particular order.

These examples illustrate selected topics from the fields of Web Technologies, Computer Science, Computer Engineering (Embedded Computing) and Digital Electronics. Several of these sub-sections are further divided in order to provide some organization to the collection.

While these examples are more pedagogical then practical, I believe this makes their methodologies more accessible, and consequently increases their value as technology demonstrators.

Have fun. Hopefully, you will find something enlightening here.

Recent Additions:

Computer Science, 9 > Scientific Computing >
Spectral Analysis with Octave / Matlab

Computer Engineering > Microcontrollers >
A PIC project with Light Level Detection, SIRC and PWM Motor Control

All works presented herein remain the intellectual property of Michael D Welch.

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